Dance takes shape only if there is a spiritual content and form is a flowing expression of body that projects “the inner voice.”

Kazuo Onho

Technical Classes.

As the connection between body and mind becomes more continuous, the movement display a corresponding continuity. Here, continuity is an outward manifestation of being in the moment.
Through concious, whole body movement and using body mechanics , the class will bring you through different types of qualities, volumes and textures. Learning how to use correct-adequate force, storing and releasing energy and how to eliminate tensions and blockages, allowing the body to move freely and finding more and more possibilities to express. Reaching efficient organic body language as base to work from.
This base allows to explore further and further in the everyday work, pushing the limits with softness in a healthy way.


We move to communicate. We may not be able to read the mind, but we can read the body. Yet to steer clear from distracting, unnatural movement, we need an expressive body to strengthen what we want to communicate.

The workshop focuses on externally revealing what one experiences internally. Learn how to link mental concepts and ideas with physical sensations, and be equipped with tools on approaching movement as an extension of one’s intention, thought or emotional impulse.
The body-mind coherence is the key in understanding this process.